About Us

Sturdivant Progress WSC adheres to the standards and regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

We purchase our water from the City of Mineral Wells. We also currently have 3 wells tied into our system, with about 7% of our members currently on a 50/50 blend of well water and Palo Pinto lake water (purchased from the City of Mineral Wells)

We are working with TCEQ to add 7 more wells into the system, so that about 40% of our members will be on a 50/50 blend. This is just one way that Sturdivant Progress WSC is trying to be more prepared if drought conditions return, and decrease bills for everyone by using less purchased water.

Turkey Peak lake will help but is about 5 years away.

Our purveyors are continually working to update our aging water lines and older meters.

Most of our meters are now read as the purveyors drive by them with a reader in the vehicles, which has saved us days on monthly meter readings. We are currently working to upgrade our meters to a continuous read system. A new meter reading is sent to the software every 24 hours. This system will provide us with a more accurate record of water usage. And monthly meter reads for billing purpose will only take a couple of hours. This will save the purveyors’ time so that they can maintain water lines, address customer concerns, and repair water leaks quickly.   

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